Sinder is an inter-galactic martial arts role-playing game in development that will take you on an epic adventure spanning different continents, worlds, and even dimensions.


  • Experience the story of Sinder that spans the universe

  • Fly high in the sky as you explore 4 diverse worlds

  • Converse with many NPC's, hear their stories, and complete quests

  • Seek out and recruit almost any NPC onto your team

  • Train, Spar, and Meditate to improve the skills of you and your team members

  • Create and learn custom techniques, special abilities and even transformations

  • Bring your team into battle with Sim or Turn-Based combat, using all that you have learned

  • Find, loot, and equip randomized weapons and armor from battle and around the worlds

  • Collect resources to craft items and equipment

  • Go fishing in lakes and oceans for food and treasure

Simurg the Colossi
Simurg the Colossi

Development Log


  • Completed additional Character design and artwork


  • Created artwork for website and Sinderpedia.


  • Working on main story narrative.


  • Updated main splash on site.


  • Set up the website and adjusted the logos!


  • Adjusted story outline
  • Added Rock Platforms/Water Rocks
  • Added Log Cabin House

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